A better approach to medicine that puts the patient first.

  1. 90% of diagnoses can be made by doing a thorough history and physical
  2. Good medical care takes time
    • formulate a differential diagnosis
    • shared decision making
    • balance benefit vs risk (testing or treatment)
  3. Concierge/Direct Primary Care results in up 60% fewer hospitalizations
  4. Placebo works 30-40% of the time
  5. Results of large population-based studies make for great headlines but often are misleading with unsubstantiated conclusions
  6. Relative comparisons often exaggerate benefits and harms of therapies
    • Risk of MI without NSAIDs 2/1000
    • Risk of MI from NSAIDs 2.6/1000
    • Relative increase in risk ~30%
    • Absolute increase in risk ~0.6/1000
  7. All medications have potential side effects, even natural and herbal medication or supplements
  8. Vaccines prevent illness
  9. Antibiotics do not cure viruses and can cause severe reactions including life threatening rashes and diarrhea
  10. Acute pain management
    • Tylenol 1000mg + 1-2 Advil with food works as well as Percocet, without the opioid side effects